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Sunbury Valet Service now offers high quality Paint Protection that far exceeds the quality of similar products offered by new car dealerships and the like.

We utilise the latest technology,"Glass Coating" to lock in and protect your car's deep, wet look.

Glass Coating has been engineered for your paint to provide a thin, highly reflective layer of ‘hardened glass’ as a barrier for protection.
This new technology paint protection not only provides an amazing shine to your paint, but it also protects against the elements, repelling water and dirt and ultimately keeping your car cleaner for longer.

The VX1 PRO Glass Coating also makes washing your car easier as dirt will literally fall off as you rinse the car down, especially when using high pressure cleaners, and the super hydrophobic properties will also make drying easier, as water sheets off the surface quickly.

This ‘Glass Coating’ for your paint is a new generation of liquid glass coatings delivers an ultra-durable finish over your paint surface that can easily last in excess of 24 months.

There should be no need to wax or polish your car during this time, just wash carefully with a pH neutral shampoo at regular intervals.

Don't pay in excess of $1000 for paint protection after you purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle from the dealerships and be very wary of salespeople who claim their products last a "lifetime" as this is simply not true, no paint sealant can last much more than 2 years.

Hich Tech Glass Coating paint protectionSunbury Valet Service can offer a professional application of Glass Coating paint protection for the outstanding price of

Large SUVs
(you will save this just in exterior detailing costs alone over the life of the product)

All inclusive price. Your paint is prepared for the protection including the removal of tar spots, insects, sap and other contaminants and finally is given a clay bar treatment to ensure the paint is thoroughly clean and provides the optimum surface for the application of the VX1 pro Glass Coating.

To book your car to have this outstanding product applied please call 0418 11 31 30. Advance bookings are essential as the product will be ordered on a per booking basis

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